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This webinar covers hand and powered tool safety and general guarding procedures of portable powered tools. Information from 1910.243 regarding basic power tools, such as circular saws, portable abrasive wheels, pneumatic power tools, and more will be discussed. Additionally, lawn mower safety will be briefly covered. After viewing the webinar, students should have a basic understanding of the requirements of 1910.243 and should be able to recognize unsafe practices when using portable powered tools. The duration 50:44 minutes.


This module addresses the pertinent changes that take effect January 1, 2017 per 803 KAR 2:412 Fall Protection. The duration is 7:08 minutes.

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We are currrently working on an "Emergency Action Plans in Construction" webinar with a tentative target date of mid February 2017.


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Notice of Recordkeeping Requirements

If you received the Bureau of Labor Statistics Notice of Recordkeeping Requirements you are required to maintain the information required for all work related injury and illnesses for the year specified in the notice

Instruction for Completing the Survey

If you received the Bureau of Labor Statistics Instruction for Completing the Survey you will be required to submit the injury and illness data collected for the previous year.

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