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OSHA Compliance Inspections
What to expect if KYOSH is inspecting your workplace Webinar

Wednesday March 4, 2015

10:00 AM EST

Join us for this live training event as we give participants insight as to what to expect during a Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health compliance inspection. Participants will gain an understanding of the processes and procedures performed by KYOSH compliance officers as they inspect a workplace for safety and health hazards. This training is a beneficial resource to businesses covered under KYOSH regulations.

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Click to play the webinar DuratiĆ³n: 1 hour 12 minutes

This webinar tests your knowledge and takes you on a virtual tour of common general industry workplace hazards. Participants learn to recognize and abate these hazards. This training is beneficial for everyone from new hires to seasoned safety professionals. Duration 60:07 minutes.

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OSHA has issued a proposed rule designed to protect workers from the hazards associated with silica exposure. While this rule is not final at this time, the supporting documentation and the language in the proposed rule contain a wealth of important information for anyone concerned with occupational exposure to silica. Employers and employees in both General Industry and Construction would benefit from the information provided during this webinar. Please join us for an interactive look at the latest research and proposed regulation of exposure to silica in the workplace. Duration 65:00 minutes

Click to play full module Duration 14:55 minutes

This course is intended for those seeking information about occupational exposure to noise in general industry and the 1910.95 OSHA noise standard. By the end of this course, participants should be able to demonstrate knowledge about the OSHA noise standard and know the elements of an effective hearing conservation program. Duration 14:55 minutes

Bureau of Labor Statistics Respondents

If you are a Kentucky business that received the Bureau of Labor Statistics Survey correspondence (Notice of Recordkeeping Requirements or Instructions for Completing the Survey), you may access more information and training from our BLS survey how-to page.