Technical Questions

What if the courses or recorded webinars will not play?

Answer:  This depends upon the browser you are using. Flash, which is used to create the courses may or may not be supported.  Check to make sure Flash is up-to-date and the browser supports it.

Is there anything special I have to do to be able to participate in the online training?

Answer:   No. The courses and webinars can be viewed on virtually any computer with an Internet browser. No special software is required. However, you may need to update your version of Flash.

Do I need a high-speed Internet connection to view the classes?

Answer:   The courses contain videos and may require a moderate level connection. If you have a cable modem or DSL connection you should be able to view the courses. The only issue may be the videos pausing to load if your connection is too slow.

ELearning Questions

After I complete the online training, does that qualify me as certified or as a competent person?

Answer:  No. Because of the varying circumstances between your individual environment and the guidelines, it is not possible to cover all the information that may apply to your worksite. For that reason, these courses provide the basic information that any participant should know to apply safety and health standards to their workplace.

Can I get a certificate for completing the online courses?

Answer:   Yes. Participants must pass a final quiz to obtain their certificate. Once you pass the quiz you will have the option to print or save your personalized certificate of completion.

I completed a course, but did not get my certificate. How can I get one?

Answer:  The courses are set up to allow you to take the quiz and then you may print or save the certificate after you pass the quiz. If you failed to print or save the certificate, then you will have no option, but to take the course again.

Can I get a certificate for webinars?

Answer:  Certificates are given to participants who attend the live webinars.  However, we are not able to give certificates for recorded webinars due to the fact that viewers can fast-forward through the webinar and may or may not complete the training.

I attended a live webinar, but did not recieve a certificate. How do I get one?

Answer:  Click on the contact tab above where you may send an email to the administrator who will assist you in getting your certificate.