Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health

Education and Training


Subpart A—Purpose

§1904.0 Purpose.

Subpart B—Scope

§1904.1 Partial exemption for employers with 10 or fewer employees.
§1904.2 Partial exemption for establishments in certain industries.
§1904.3 Keeping records for more than one agency.
Non-Mandatory Appendix A to Subpart B of Part 1904—Partially Exempt Industries

Subpart C—Recordkeeping Forms and Recording Criteria

§1904.4 Recording criteria.
§1904.5 Determination of work-relatedness.
§1904.6 Determination of new cases.
§1904.7 General recording criteria.
§1904.8 Recording criteria for needlestick and sharps injuries.
§1904.9 Recording criteria for cases involving medical removal under OSHA standards.
§1904.10 Recording criteria for cases involving occupational hearing loss.
§1904.11 Recording criteria for work-related tuberculosis cases.
§§1904.13-1904.28 [Reserved]
§1904.29 Forms.

Subpart D—Other OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Requirements

§1904.30 Multiple business establishments.
§1904.31 Covered employees.
§1904.32 Annual summary.
§1904.33 Retention and updating.
§1904.34 Change in business ownership.
§1904.35 Employee involvement.
§1904.36 Prohibition against discrimination.
§1904.37 State recordkeeping regulations.
§1904.38 Variances from the recordkeeping rule.

Subpart E—Reporting Fatality, Injury and Illness Information to the Government

§1904.39 Reporting fatalities and multiple hospitalization incidents to OSHA.
§1904.40 Providing records to government representatives.
§1904.41 Annual OSHA injury and illness survey of ten or more employers.
§1904.42 Requests from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for data.

Subpart F—Transition From the Former Rule

§1904.43 Summary and posting of the 2001 data.
§1904.44 Retention and updating of old forms.
§1904.45 OMB control numbers under the Paperwork Reduction Act

Subpart G—Definitions

§1904.46 Definitions.