Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health

Education and Training

Safety and Health (OSH) Standards

The Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Standards for construction and general industry are presented on this CD in a format that contains both the Kentucky specific regulations as well as standards that are common between the Kentucky OSH Program and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Though not an official document, this free cd contains state-specific standards, amendments adopted by the Kentucky OSH Standards Board, and the text of the construction and general industry standards.

When determining the applicable regulatory language, the reader should initially refer to the regulations specific to Kentucky to determine whether any state-specific language exists that supersedes the federal requirements.

If not specifically defined, references to the Secretary of Labor, Assistant Secretary of Labor, OSHA Regional Administrator, or Area Director may refer instead to the Commissioner, Kentucky Labor Cabinet, Office of Workplace Standards or designee.

Kentucky OSH Standards Board

The Kentucky OSH Standards Board meets at least annually to consider and/or adopted occupational safety and health standards. Changes in the regulations appear in the Administrative Register of Kentucky, published by the Legislative Research Commission. An official copy of the regulations may be obtained by contacting the Legislative Research Commission at (502) 564-8100.

Register Disc

This compact disc contains the current up-to-date standards at the time of distribution. You may register your compact disc with the Kentucky Labor Cabinet's Division of Education and Training. By doing so, the Division of Education and Training will provide email notification in the event of standards changes. Click here to register your cd via on-line form or click here to register by e-mail. (Please include your name and address in the registration email.)